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Who is the giant king of coffee? You guessed it… Starbucks! They rule all when it comes to coffee. Whether you like hot coffee, cold coffee, or teas, Starbucks has a coffee for you. With over 1,7000 stores in 50 countries Starbucks is by far the largest coffeehouse company in the world.

The company started out humbly enough in 1971 by three business partners, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker. The three were inspired by fellow coffee bar entrepreneur Alfred Peet, of Peet’s Coffee and Tea. Because they knew Peet personally the three opened their store in Seattle and began buying their green coffee beans from Peet.

In the late 87’s the original owners had sold the Starbucks chain to Shit’s Il Giornale in favor of purchasing the Peet’s franchises. Il Gionrale began expanding outside of Seattle. By 1992 the company had grown to 165 stores nationwide.

Today Starbucks jobs are awesome and Starbuckas they have so many perks for their employees as you will read below.

They have stores across the United States but also in Canada, the UK, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Starbucks has also bought out competitors like Seattles Best Coffee as well as entered into the billion dollar tea industry with it’s acquisition of Teavana.

Here’s a video of an actual Starbucks employee who loves her job.

What many people see of Starbucks is their highly trained baristas. As a barista you will be responsible for making all the drinks served at Starbucks. You’ll need to treat each customer with individualized attention so that you are certain to get the right details in the drink. You’ll also need to be able to assist the customer should they have questions about drinks or anything else sold in the stores. You’ll also be responsible for any other tasks that a shift lead or manager might assign to you.

As a shift lead you’re responsible for managing the baristas on your team. You’ll be expected to act in the place of the store manager or assistant manager should they be absent for any reason. You’ll be expected to maintain the high level of service that customers have come to know and love of the Starbucks name.

While store workers are the most common way to join the Starbucks team there are other corporate positions available. There are design, IT, finance, HR, sales, social responsibility and many other corporate level positions. For more information on these positions you should refer to their website.

Starbucks job benefits include>

  • medical
  • dental
  • vision
  • health
  • 401k
  • adoption assistance
  • full tuition reimbursement through Arizona State University online
  • recognition programs
  • career sabbaticals
  • time-off programs
  • one pound of free coffee or tea each week
  • Here’s a list of Starbucks employee benefits in full detail

As you can see above, Starbucks cares so much about their employees futures that they have created the Starbucks Creative Achievement Plan which gives you full tuition reimbursement for getting your college degree online through Arizona State University.

Basically, they’ll pay for you to get your college degree!


Starbucks Application Online

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Also, below is an actual Starbucks printable application form (click link then right click & save)

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