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Verizon began offering global broadband and telecommunications services in 1983. They were originally known as Bell Atlantic. Their original service area was New Jersey and Virginia. They were originally part of the Bell break up when the original AT&T in 1984. In 2000 Bell Atlantic merged with GTE and then changed its name to Verizon.

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Five years later they acquired MCI, in response to SBC and AT&T merged. They then offered quite a few services including voice, voicemail, wireless, video, and data.

Verizon offers many employment opportunities. One such opportunity is sales. If you are ambitious, confident, and have charisma then you will excel in the position. You must be able to develop a relationship with the customer.

The point isn’t just making the sale, although that is what you’ll be there to do, it’s about having that connection. As a sales person you might be dealing directly with individual customers or generating leads for business to business clients.

You can also work for their technology team. As one of these professionals you’ll be responsible for operating the more than 5,000 applications that keeps Verizon up and running. You’ll also be on the leading edge of technology development for Verizon. It’s all about keeping customers connected to one another.

Their network area is also a place for you to distinguish yourself. Here you’ll be working with open development and network planning. If you are technically minded, you can work at helping to maintain the network that makes Verizon unique.

Of course there are the multiple call centers that are in need of customer service representatives. You’ll be able to assist customers with questions on their billing, service plans and options, and technical assistance with their devices. You must be helpful and customer oriented to be able to excel in this area.

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