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Texaco was founded in 1901 in Beaumont Texas and was then known as the Texas Fuel Company. Four years later they established a presence in Belgium under the name Continental Petroleum Company. The company continued to grow and by 1928 they were the first United States oil Company to sell its gasoline nationwide under one single brand in all 48 states.

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They became the first company to provide a motor fuel that met octane requirements for fire engines in 1932, promoting as Fire Chief Gasoline. In 2001 Chevron Corporation merged with Texaco while Shell purchased Texaco’s interest in Equilon and Motiva joint ventures.

Today Texaco operates across the U.S., Latin America, West Africa, and Europe. They are extremely popular in the UK with over 1,000 stations in the UK alone.

As a store manager of a Texaco station it is your responsibility to interview, hire, and schedule your staff to ensure that the station is well-manned at all times.

You will have to meet monthly, quarterly, and annual sales quotas by promoting particular sales and items throughout the year. You’ll also be responsible for ordering stock for your store to ensure that the store contains the things that your customers are looking to purchase. As a manager you’ll be responsible for managing the books and making the daily deposits.

When you work as a store attendant you will be the person that the customers come into contact with most. You’ll be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the store as well as making sure that the store is adequately stocked. You will have to handle the cash and credit transactions for the customers, make change, and give customers receipts if they request one. You will take delivery of the stock as it comes into the store and verify that the contents are correct based on the order.

Texaco Application Online

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