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The Texas Chicken story goes back to 1952, in Texas, by the hand of George Church Sr. Soon enough, there were 8 Texas Chicken locations spread in Texas, as the initial bet paid off. But the dream was to open a restaurant in every city across the United States, and in 1968 it opened the first store outside Texas, as this year was also the same that Texas Chicken stopped being a family business and was sold and became a publicly held company.

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From then on, much has changed, and currently there are 1700 Texas Chicken restaurants spread throughout the world in 23 countries.

Texas Chicken is mainly famous by some of their specialties like the Original Chicken, composed of simple fried chicken, the Spicier Spicy Chicken, with its crunchy bites and hot chili pepper seasoning, the Boneless Wings with 4 different sauces (Buffalo Hot, Buffalo Medium, Honey BBQ or Sweet & Spicy) to juice things up and the classic Tender Strips, white meat tender strips simple or with chili pepper seasoning and sauces to go. Another bet is the 100% chicken sandwiches like the Spicy Southern Style, the Double Chicken and Cheese and the Honey BBQ Chicken. The side foods are also very varied, with JalapeƱos, Honey-Butter Biscuits, Corn on the Cob, Fried Okra (unique to this chain), Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and Coleslaw, just to name a few. Don’t mess with Texas!

The good thing about working for Texas Chicken is the trust and responsibility they provide you.

There are many jobs available throughout the United States, be it for cashier or Store Manager, you’ll just have to choose which are do you want to start developing your career.

The perks and benefits that come with the job are also great. Texas Chicken offers flexible scheduling, a fun environment, and plenty of room for advance to all employees regardless of what their position is. Some employees can enjoy 401K benefits packages as well as healthcare plans that include both vision and dental coverage, and paid vacation time is also available to upper level employees of Texas Chicken. The company treats their employees like family, and they take great pride in proving them with the best benefits. Life insurance and sick leave are also available. Their comprehensive benefit packages are some of the many reasons you should apply with Texas Chicken. Just visit their page by clicking the link below:

Texas Chicken Application Online

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