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Talk about a method (an expensive) to "pick up chicks!" It’s not every day that hear a story about a guy going through great lengths to meet women. Enter- TGI Friday’s. The casual dining restaurant, T.G.I. Friday’s, was founded by Alan Stillman in 1965. He lived in and area where there were many airline stewardesses, fashion models, and secretaries so he opened a bar hoping that he would meet women.

tgi fridays application online for jobs

He purchased a bar he frequented with $10,000 and renamed it T.G.I. Friday’s (from the phrase Thank God! It’s Friday!) and started serving standard bar food, American cuisine, and alcoholic beverages. It was an instant hit. He and a fellow class mate opened other restaurants, aptly named after days of the week.

The company has continued to grow and now has almost 1,000 locations nationwide. I’m pretty sure that by this point, he had accomplished his goal of meeting women:)

What makes T.G.I. Friday’s so fun, aside from the drinks, the atmosphere, and the ever so lively wait staff, is that they offer customers a wide array of American cuisine. Fun food always has a way of creating a lively atmosphere. Because of their popularity, they need a wide array of workers.

If you love to prepare food you might want to consider being a prep cook. The prep cook assists in preparing the food that goes out to the customer. You can also work the grill, preparing the grilled foods, as a grill cook.
If you aren’t into the kitchen scene and prefer hanging out with the customers they are always looking for friendly faces to wait on the clientele. As a host or hostess your job will be to greet each customer that comes in the door. You then need to make sure that they are seated promptly. In the event that the restaurant is full and waiting is required you need to make sure that the customers know how long they can expect to wait and that they will be seated as close to the order they came in as possible.

Friday’s started out mainly as a bar and because of this they still have a large emphasis on the alcoholic beverage selection. As a bartender for Friday’s you’ll be required to make the various drink orders that are heading out into the dining room as well as serve customer seated in the bar area.

T.G.I. Friday’s Application Online

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