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Vons is a chain of grocery supermarkets located in Southern California. The original Vons was called Von’s Groceteria and was opened in 1906 in Los Angeles California by Charles Von der Ahe. Within 20 years the chain had grown to 87 stores. At this time Charles decided to sell the business to McMarr Stores.
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It was 4 years later that Von der Ahe’s sons re-entered the business founding the Von’s Grocery Company. This new opening of Von’s stores started in 1948 with an offering of pre-packaged meats, deli items and produce. Within 10 years they had doubled their new chain to 27 stores. In 1997 the chain was acquired by Safeway and is now operated as one of their many subsidiaries.

There are many career opportunities within Von’s. If you are interested in working in one of their many stores you can work as: team member, associate team leader, department team leader, associate store team leader, or store team leader. There is also the specialized team member opportunity which includes buyers, specialists, receivers, supervisors, chefs/cooks, and estheticians. The store opportunities also include specialized store support such as human resources, accounting, IT, and marketing.

Like many of the Safeway subsidiaries you have a variety of positions to choose from. You can work directly with the customer as one of their many clerks. Just about every department has its own clerk so you could work in grocery, deli, bakery, meats, wine, floral, or even the pharmacy. If you are interested in helping customers with their prescriptions such as answering questions you’ll have to be a pharmacy technician or pharmacist though, state law regulates how much a clerk can do without a license.

Vons job benefits (owned by Safeway):

  • A choice of medical plans
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Vision care
  • Dental and orthodontia
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Health care and dependent care Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Company paid basic life insurance
  • Paid time off for vacation, sick leave and company-recognized holidays
  • Professional and career education program
  • Employee Association for leisure-time activities at a discount
  • 100% company paid retirement plan
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Safeway stock purchase plan

Vons has maintained its own corporate offices in California. This is due to the fact that Safeway’s main stores no longer operating in southern California. Because of that you have some corporate options.
You can work in their Information Technology department to help the stores stay connected, you can work in accounting, or in administration as well. There are also several other positions such as communications, home delivery, and finance.

Vons also has distribution and manufacturing positions. Many of these types of positions will be with a Safeway ran distribution center or manufacturing company.

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