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Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is an American regional supermarket chain with headquarter located at Gates, NY. It has spread throughout mid-Atlantic and New England regions having 92 branches already, including Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Wegmans supermarket has appeared in Fortune Magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work for” since 1998, and has been among the top 10 for eight consecutive years.

In 2017, Fortune Magazine included Wegmans in the list of “Great Place to Work Legends” as it has earned this title by being in the “100 Best Companies to Work for” list this year for the 20th year (in a row). On the list, Wegmans ranked #2, following Google (which is ranked #1).

Wegmans Food Markets is a supermarket privately owned and was founded by John and Walter Wegman as Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company in 1916. Its main location (or the headquarters) is first located at Rochester which is the ‘suburb area’ of Gates, NY.

The company’s current chairperson is Danny Wegman, grandson of co-founder Walter Wegman. His daughters, Colleen and Nicole Wegman, is President and CEO, and senior vice-president of the Company, respectively.

apply online wegmans grocery stores

Want to work at this top-listed grocery store? Wegmans, like Lululemon, consistently make the top 10 list of best places to work at.

Here are the common employment opportunities offered by the company:

Wegmans store operations jobs

Entry-level Management. It is their duty to ensure the customers’ welfare, and the organization of products have well merchandised and eye-catching displays. They also provide independent oversights on smaller department stores, and/or assist manager of larger departments. This job is found in every department store.

Service Team Leader. This is where one will learn all areas of store operations, and supervise a group of 20-40 employees. They are also in charge of managing the stores during evening operations.

Department Manager. They are expected to have deep understanding of Wegmans’ culture, values, and company vision. They are responsible for managing the employees to offer the best services for the customers.

In the culinary career path, there are seven positions the company has to offer. Those undergoing training to enhance organization and culinary skills for maximum product efficiency are Prep, Line, and Lead cooks, the first two have approximately two or more years of employment, as the Lead cook has a year or more.

Next in line is the Culinary Management Trainee wherein one will be taught culinary standards, and mastering core recipes and culinary techniques with an employment of two or more years. After one has successfully completed the program, he/she can be a Sous Chef who’s in charge of managing kitchen operations and training culinary staff with its knowledge-based service- the position having one or more years of employment.

Lastly, Store chef and Executive chef. The former position is in charge of managing in-store operations for customers to experience the best quality meals. Executive chefs, on the other hand, are focused on the primary food resource, and sets the culinary standard for the stores, also partnering for departments to develop knowledge in food processing for customers and employees.

In the hospitality department, they have restaurant team members, team leader, and managers (however, they are only located in selected stores). Members ensure the welfare of customers and that they receive the best quality products Wegman has to offer.

Their team leaders assist each member to pursue into doing their job the best they could, leading them and sharing his/her experiences to provide the desired service of the customer. Managers, on the other hand, are in-charge of ensuring the engagement in family-friendly experiences of all the customers. They’re also in-charge of overseeing financials, and promoting professional growth between each group members.

Other employment opportunities at Wegmans include warehouse product selector, regional truck driver, food manufacturers, cashier, customer service, etc.

Why work for Wegmans Food Market? What does it have to Offer?

Wegmans values the well-being of not only the customers, but also their employees.

Wegmans Job Benefits include:

  • Healthcare
  • Dental coverage
  • Pre-tax spending accounts for the employees
  • Days off
  • Disability benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Adoption assistance
  • 401k plans with retirement company plans
  • Scholarship applications in certain associate schools

Wegmans values continuing education. Every year, they offer 1,500 scholarships to employees that are renewable for up to four years.

Wegmans Application Online

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