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In 2006, the Wyndham Hotel group was founded. Today, the Wyndham Hotel Group is the largest provider and franchiser of travel related products in the world. Today the company is composed of over 6,000 hotels under 13 different brands worldwide.

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In the hotel business there are lots of opportunities. If you are good with people you might consider working as a guest service agent. As a guest service agent you will be greeting and welcoming all guests approaching the front desk.

You will have to maintain proper operation of the PBX console, answer guest inquiries about hotel services, facilities, and hours of operation, ensure logging and delivery of packages, mail and messages, and fully comprehend and be able to operate all relevant aspect of the front desk computer system.

As a guest service agent at the Wyndham Hotels you’ll also have to be aware of all rates, packages and special promotions, be familiar with all in-house groups, and be aware of closed out and restricted dates.

Another position that might interest you is the housekeeping room attendant. As a housekeeping room attendant you’ll be responsible for making sure the rooms are clean and ready for the guests.

You will have to change sheets, put out fresh towels, emptying trash and straighten the room. In some hotels you might have to take laundry down to the laundry service, but this is not available in all hotels.

If you are working in a hotel with a laundry service then you could be a laundry washer. In these hotels you’ll be responsible for doing all the laundry for the rooms, and the occasional guest laundry. Most of what you’ll wash will be laundry for the hotel itself by cleaning sheets and towels.

Wyndham Hotels Application Online

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