High School and Teen Resume Example 2020

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Getting out there searching for your first job can be a daunting task. It can be quite nerve wracking not fully knowing or understanding the process.

It’s all going to come down to preparation. The better prepared you are, the better your results.

In this fast world of the internet and ever growing demand for jobs, each one of us finds it difficult to stand out as potential candidate for a job. When it is already so difficult for adults to stand out, it is even harder for teens to do so, as they have less to no experience in the working field.

However, with a well thought out resume, half the battle is already won.

Since it’s your first resume and you most likely don’t have much experience in the work place, your first resume will be quite basic. Don’t worry about it as most employers won’t expect much on it anyways.

Below the line is an example resume, especially tailored for the average teen (Joe Money) for a job at a fast food restaurant or retail store (e.g. McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.).

It’s filled out with basic info, but enough to give your potential employer your necessary contact details and a glimpse of your life and what you are about.

Beginning of example teen resume:


Name: Joe Money

Address: 123 Main Street
New York, NY 10022

Telephone number: (212) 555-1212
Email: joemoney’@’email.com (use yahoo or gmail)


Hard working friendly student who has has a strong passion for the food industry. Great team player who is people-oriented. Desires position in fast food restaurant

Punctual, Reliable team worker, Hard working, Friendly and professional mannerism, Engaging Personality

Experience: (list things you’ve done and you’re good at)
– Great collaboration in group assignments
– Fluent in English and Spanish
– Excelled in extra curricular activities such as Culinary work shop
– Leadership role in fundraising events at school
– Captain of baseball team
– 2nd Place Spelling Bee
– Plays guitar and drums Writing skills (manages own blog) – Knowledge of Microsoft Office Skills (Word, PowerPoint and Excel)
– Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (editing)

High school diploma at Mount Ferrell School, New York (2000-2015)

End of example resume for teens.

Here are some specific tips on what to write for each category:

Beginning: Basic details such as Name and contact details should be filled out correctly, in the beginning.

Summary: The summary should include short sentences, outlining the most important personality traits and skills, along with the intention of the candidate, i.e. seeking a position in the restaurant XYZ.

Skills: List the most important personality traits, that would be suitable for the job. For example, being punctual and reliable would be very important for any job. If it is a job in the creative area, mention traits such as artistic, innovative and creative.

Experience: Here you can list all of your experiences that you have had so far. This would usually be, whatever you did in school. Whatever extra curricular activities you have done, can be enlisted here. However, make sure that you try to relate it to the applied position as much as possible. General examples for experience that would be almost always suitable include: leadership roles in any activity (e.g. sports, arts, economics, physics), own organized events, group projects. All of these activities, demonstrate good team cooperation and leadership skills. Also, mention computer skills such Microsoft Word, Adobe or other software programs. These are standard skills nowadays and are always useful.

Education: Mention the type of diploma you have, name of school and time period (in years). If you don’t have a diploma, mention the grade until which you have studied and the respective year.

Remember, a good resume is half the battle won. So, make sure you review it carefully and check for any spelling mistakes that might have occurred.

For more examples of teen resumes and high school resumes, click here.

Good luck and if you have any questions or resume tips, please list them in the comment section below!

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