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I once had a position where I had to interview hundreds of people from receptionist positions, to mortgage processors, and loan officers, for a real estate related company.

I was amazed to see so many people show up to the interview wearing khakis, oversized shirts or polos, and shoes that were trashed.


Listen people, when it comes to job interviews, you MUST BRING YOUR “A” GAME. You need to see yourself as the Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant of whatever job inteview that you’re going to.

Because many other candidates will also be interviewing for that position and the only way for you to stand out is to bring your top game with you.

It doesn’t if you apply for a Mcdonalds job. Always dress to impress. Bring your A game!

In addition to the massive confidence that you must bring to your interview, you’ll be judged by your appearance whether you like it or not.  You’ll be scrutinized from head to toe.

Is your head neatly groomed? Did you shave or do you look scruffy? Is your shirt clean? Is your shirt too baggy? Do you own a nice tie? Are you wearing a suit? Does it look like you’re wearing your dad’s suit which looks like a bed sheet on you? Are your shoes shined?

The candidates whose inteview attire impressed us were the ones that came in nicely dressed with either a well fitted suit and nice shoes and for women a nice business outfit or dress.

It shows that the interview was important enough to you for you to look your best. It shows that you knew that a lot of other people were also going to interview for the same position and that you wanted to stand out. It shows that you wanted to make a grand impression on the person interviewing you.

You have to remember that the interview is the hardest part of the job. Because once you get the job, you’re on the payroll and you will most likely settle back into your comfort zone of relaxed attire or whatever outfit your employer makes you wear.

Due to this global recession, the unemployment level is at an all time high. There are millions of people without jobs and the jobs that are available are most likely getting bombarded with job applicants.

More than ever, you need to stand out. It doesn’t matter if the interview is for delivering newspapers, working part time at Mcdonalds, your neighbor as station, or a fulltime job at a big corporation.

Do yourself a favor and buy one or two nicely fitted business suits or dresses, a couple of nice fitting dress shirts, a couple of good ties (for guys), and a nice pair of dress shoes. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, but if you do get a good deal on a nice suit at a discount store, spend a few extra bucks at your local dry cleaners and have them tailor the suit so it fits perfect for your body frame.

A well fitted suit/outfit will boost your confidence.

For guys, if you want to see a great example of how a suit should fit on you, watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, or any of the other late night talk show hosts. They’re always dressed to impress and wearing well fitted suits.

Women, either a business suit or nice dress. No grandma sweaters or jeans.

Whether you are interviewing for a corporate job, an internship, or your local Starbucks or Best Buy. Look sharp. Dress to impress. That’s the rule and name of the “interview attire” game.

You’ll never go wrong by sticking to this one rule.

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