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TaskRabbit is a popular platform that connects people who need help with everyday tasks to local freelancers who can provide those services.

Is Taskrabbit legit?

The amount of money you can make on TaskRabbit varies depending on a variety of factors, such as the types of tasks you offer, your experience, and the demand for your services in your area.

How much money per hour can you make on TaskRabbit?

The hourly rate for Taskers can range from $15 to $150 or more, depending on the task and location.

For example, a Tasker who offers cleaning services in a busy city like New York or San Francisco may be able to charge a higher hourly rate than a Tasker who offers the same services in a smaller town. Additionally, more complex tasks that require specialized skills and experience, such as furniture assembly or electrical work, may command a higher rate.

You can do TaskRabbit during your days off, in between jobs or career changes, or in addition to your part time job.

What are the top categories on TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit offers a wide range of categories for its services, but some of the top categories on the platform include.

Handyman Services – This category includes tasks such as furniture assembly, painting, plumbing, electrical work, and other home repairs.

Cleaning Services – This category includes tasks such as house cleaning, apartment cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, and deep cleaning services.

Moving & Packing – This category includes tasks such as packing and unpacking, moving assistance, and delivery services.

Personal Assistant – This category includes tasks such as running errands, organizing, and scheduling appointments.

Furniture Assembly – This category includes tasks such as assembling furniture, installing shelving and storage systems, and mounting TVs.

Yard Work – This category includes tasks such as lawn care, landscaping, and gardening.

Virtual Services – This category includes tasks such as administrative support, research, and social media management.

These are just some of the top categories on TaskRabbit, and the platform offers many more services to meet the needs of its clients. Taskers can choose to offer services in one or multiple categories, depending on their skills and experience.

BONUS TaskRabbit tips

Once you start going out for jobs. IMMEDIATELY ASK FOR YOUR CLIENTS TO GIVE YOU A REVIEW. I cannot stress this enough. I did my first 10-12 jobs without asking for reviews, but once I did, I was able to quickly increase my rates dramatically. I went from $18/hr to help people move, to $25/hr the next week, to $55/hr within 3 months.

Keep in mind that the higher you price your hourly service, the more options the customer has to hire someone else with maybe more reviews.

Also, if you have a van or truck, you can add in your description that you charge an addition $50-$100 if you use your vehicle to transport anything.

In addition, if you do the moving category, when clients inquire on your availability in the private chat, you must tell them that they need to hire one or two more taskers to help you move. Why? Because you can’t move a couch, drawers, mattresses, etc… by yourself.

How do you get paid on TaskRabbit?

In your profile settings on TaskRabbit, you can connect your banking information.

Once you do that, any job you do is paid within 24-72 hrs from when you finish the job.

So let’s say that I did a moving job for 2 hrs this afternoon. Once I’m finished-

– I go to my car
– open the app
– click the job that I just did
– enter my start and finish time (2hrs)
– I write a personal thank you message in the comments asking them to give me a quick rating/review.
– Click submit

The client receives the TaskRabbit invoice on their app and they can immediately close out the job and pay immediately or the app with automatically charge their credit card on file and you will be sent a direct deposit in your bank account within 24hrs after they pay or are automatically deducted.

So, if you work a couple or a few hours everyday on TaskRabbit, you will start getting paid everyday. You will start seeing direct deposits in your bank everyday from TaskRabbit.

What’s the minimum time to work on any job to get paid on TaskRabbit?

The minimum time is 5 mins. That’s right, if you show up and it only takes you 5 minutes to do the job. You get paid a minimum of one hour of work at the rate they hired you at. For example, I did the heavy lifting category and charge $55/hr. I have showed up many times to help people move stuff so the heavy lifting is similar.

Once, me and another Tasker showed up to help move a big round table up 2 steps. There was myself, another Tasker, and the homeowner. All three of us moved this table about 7 feet and up 2 steps, from his living room to his dining room. It took 5 mins and we were done. It was definitely a 3 person job because the table top was made of marble. I made $55 in 5 mins in the “Heavy Lifting” category because you get paid a minimum of 1 hour of your listed rate (my rate is listed at $55/hr).

So, it’s important to ask for reviews IMMEDIATELY once you do your first job.

Thousands of people are moving every week, so if you want to get up and running quick on TaskRabbit, then add the Moving category to your profile and charge around $18-$20/hr until you get about 5 great reviews (to build credibility), then increase your rate to about $23-25/hr and keep raising your rates after every 10 great reviews.

How to increase your hourly rate on TaskRabbit.

To increase your earning potential on TaskRabbit, it’s important to provide exceptional service, build a positive reputation on the platform, and offer a range of services that appeal to a broad range of clients. You can also consider partnering with other Taskers to offer bundled services or expand your offerings.

Overall, the amount of money you can make on TaskRabbit depends on a variety of factors, but with dedication and hard work, you can build a successful career and earn a steady income on the platform.

Tips on how to make money on TaskRabbit

If you’re looking to make money on TaskRabbit, here are some tips to help you get started:

Identify Your Skills: TaskRabbit offers a variety of tasks, from cleaning and handyman services to running errands and assembling furniture. Identify your skills and strengths to determine the types of tasks you can offer.

Create a Tasker Profile: To get started on TaskRabbit, you’ll need to create a profile that showcases your skills, experience, and availability. Be sure to highlight your strengths and provide details on the services you can offer.

Set Competitive Rates: When setting your rates, research the rates of other Taskers in your area to ensure that you’re offering competitive pricing. You can also adjust your rates based on the complexity and length of the task.

Respond Quickly: When a potential client posts a task, respond quickly and professionally to increase your chances of being selected. Be sure to provide a detailed proposal that addresses the client’s needs and requirements.

Provide Great Service: Once you’ve been selected for a task, provide exceptional service to ensure that the client is satisfied with your work. Be punctual, professional, and communicative throughout the task to build a positive reputation on the platform.

Final Thoughts on making more money on Taskrabbit

Ask for Reviews: After completing a task, ask the client to leave a review on your Tasker profile. Positive reviews can help you attract more clients and increase your earnings on the platform.

Expand Your Services: As you gain experience and build a positive reputation on TaskRabbit, consider expanding your services to attract more clients. You can also partner with other Taskers to offer a broader range of services and increase your earning potential.

Overall, TaskRabbit can be a great way to make money by offering your skills and services to people who need them. By following these tips and providing exceptional service, you can build a successful career on the platform and earn a steady income.

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