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In 1964 Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman began selling shoes at track meets. Originally they called their little enterprise Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) and worked as a distributor for Onitsuka

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In 1983, David Chu and an unnamed partner started an apparel company. They mainly focused on men’s sportswear. A year later they sold the company for cash and stock to State-O-Main. State-O-Main

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What started out as a man’s hobby has become a legend in the retail clothing industry. In 1920, in Seattle Washington, he opened the Eddie Bauer’s Tennis Shop in the back of

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The original Nordstrom store opened its doors in 1901 as Wallin and Nordstrom, by founders Carl F Wallin and John W Nordstrom. Nordstrom had been looking for a new business venture, after

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Opened in 1975, Zara is a Spanish clothing store. Zara was founded by Amancio Ortega in a central street in downtown A Coruna, Galicai, Spain. Ortega opened the store after working in

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In 1947, Erling Persson opened the women’s clothing company Hennes, which is Swedish for “hers.” At the time all Persson’s shop sold was women’s clothing and was located in Vasteras, Sweden. As

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The Banana Republic clothing stores were founded in 1978. At that time Mel and Patricia Ziegler decided to open a travel-themed clothing store. They began the chain with two stores and actually

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Looking for lingerie then you’ve probably heard of Victoria’s Secret. This is the largest publicly-traded, Limited Brands in the US. Victoria’s Secret is probably best known, though, for its catalogs and fashion

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If you’re into beach, sun, and or surf then you’ve probably heard of the Quiksilver brand of clothing and accessories. This company was founded in the early 1970’s in Torquay, Australia. Today

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The first of many Mervyn’s stores was opened in San Lorenzo California. In 1949 the store opened it’s doors under the foundation of store owner Mervin G. Morris. The store was unique

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Who doesn’t love to get nice clothes at a discounted price? Well just about everyone right. Ross Dress for Less does just that for their shoppers. They are part of the off-price

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Hugo Boss is internationally renown for its high end men’s and women’s wears. It is the store for all the latest German and European fashions. Not only are the clothes hot the

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The luxury brand Polo Ralph Lauren was founded by Ralph Lauren in 1967. Ralph Lauren, the American fashion designer, started out working for Datrian Riser designing clothes. In 1968 he started a

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Like great and expensive casual wear? While Hollister has a lengthy history, it is not all a reality. The pseudo-history of this company is meant to give the company a certain feel