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In 1939 the Travelodge opened its doors for the first time in San Diego. This chain of motels is one of the first motel chains in the United States by Scott King.

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Unocal was founded in 1890 in Santa Paula, California as the Union Oil Company of California. In 1910 Union, as the company was more widely known, mad an alliance with the Independent

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In 1907, The Royal Dutch Shell Group was created when the “Shell” Transport and Trading Company of the United Kingdom and the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company merged. The Shell Oil Company is

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In 1875 the Continental Oil and Transportation Company was founded in Ogden Utah. In 1929, Continental Oil was acquired by Marland Oil, keeping the name of Continental Oil Company (Conoco) and the

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The oldest predecessor of the Chevron Corporation is the Pacific Coast Oil Company which was formed in 1879 after the discovery of oil in Pico Canyon north of Los Angeles. In 1895

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Texaco was founded in 1901 in Beaumont Texas and was then known as the Texas Fuel Company. Four years later they established a presence in Belgium under the name Continental Petroleum Company.

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British Petroleum, or BP, was founded in 1909 as Anglo-Persian Oil Company. APOCO was a subsidiary of Burmah Oil Company. In 1935 Burmah Oil Company became Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. In the 50’s

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Gas station jobs are great for those interested in automotive related jobs or working in convenience stores. Many gas stations these days are bigger and have accommodated convenience stores to offer all

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After the Standard Oil break-up in 1911, Standard Oil Company of New York (also known as Socony) was founded. Nine years later Socony registered the company’s trademark as “Mobiloil.” In 1931, Socony

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Am/Pm is a United States based convenience store. The chain was founded in 1978, and was first opened in Southern California. As a brand of BP America these convenience stores offer either