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Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Jobs 2018

Security guard jobs are great and give you lots of practive your people person skills because you’ll always be communicating with people, usually throughout the day. Sometimes you’ll be guarding busy companies

Free USPA Nationwide Security Application Online

USPA Nationwide was founded by Michael Evans. In 1994 Mr. Evans started his career as a local police officer in Long Island, NY. Over the next 14 years he held various law

Free Vescom Security Application Online

In 1986 Vescom Corporation opened their doors for the first time. They believed in providing the best security service possible to companies and plants nationwide. They specialize in providing security guard services

Free CPS Security Solutions Application Online

In 1989 Chris Coffey co-founded Construction Protective Services. Their goal was to offer security services to construction sites. This protection allowed contractors and construction workers to rest easy knowing that their equipment