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apply online for teen jobs fast food job applications online
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As a teen or someone looking for a job for the first time, resumes are important in order to show the potential employer how you can improve their staff and or company.

California and New York have laid the ground work for an increase of minimum wage to $15 an hour. What it means is that every part time job or full time job opening (even at fast food and retail stores) will have a lot more people applying for the same job you will be applying for.

It’s important to really stand out and having a job resume is the first place to start.

With a resume, it is important to show the different traits and attributes that are helpful to the company.

In a teen job resume example, the main ideas should focus on educational achievement, personality traits, skills, and possible job experience.

Job resume example entries

A standard resume is not written in complete sentences, and is formatted to look similar to a structured list. You should also not write using “I”, and instead describe yourself with statements such as: Brings a hard-working attitude to the workplace.”

A resume should be typed on standard paper and printed, fitting into a document envelope. Anything that is applicable to the job, and is an honest statement, is very much needed in creating a substantial resume that could make you stand out among the other job applicants.

apply online for teen jobs fast food job applications online
As a teen, you are most likely still developing important skills for communication and productivity. Listing skills that apply to the job are beneficial in showing the employer how well you will be able to work with them.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be filling out a Mcdonalds application online, work security guard job, or even if you’re a senior citizen looking to get back into the workforce and applying for senior citizen jobs, you need to show that you’re a team player with great communication skills.

If you communicate well with others, it is important to put that on your resume. Communication is a large part of being successful with other coworkers, along with teamwork, sharing information, and leadership. Being able to throw and catch a baseball, however, may not be very applicable to working as a cashier, but more beneficial if you were to apply to a baseball skills camp for children as a trainer.

Well written teen job resume examples will also include personality traits that show how you will work with other members of the company. The personality traits you list should also apply to the position, and they should be described with more detail other than simply stating: “Is a happy person.” A better example of this would be: “Brings an uplifting presence to the workplace.” Your parents, guardian, or even teachers can help you make it sound much better.

As with skills, social traits can also help you affront to being a more impressive applicant. Cooperative, Professional, Sociable, and Hard Working are great to start with if they apply to you.

The last part for many examples of resumes is the experience you’ve had with similar jobs or tasks. However, as the case with many teens, you have probably had little to no job experience. Instead, great things to put here are such that relate to how hard you work, or how achieving you can be.

If you are a great student, with a good GPA or something else to indicate your academic achievement. Typically, anything above a 3.1 is above average, so it’s beneficial to the employer in making their decision. If you don’t necessarily have a good GPA, do not include it.

Other things to include would be any awards or achievements. Don’t count out extra-curricular activities either, being the captain of the volleyball team or president of the FBLA club shows leadership and cooperation. When listing these it is important to tell when it took place, lining the dates up with the right margin and having everything else on the left margin.


Job resume highlights

Captain of the High School Boy’s Basketball Team 2015-2016

It is also important to remember to include a sheet of references separate from the resume, on an other sheet of paper.

This should list possible references to contact–and how to contact them–to strengthen the validity of your resume. Be sure that they will say good things about you, and won’t skew your chances of getting the job.

Following this guide will improve your chances of getting that sought after position. Just remember to include anything that will help you stand out in a great way compared to everyone else that is applying for the same job.

How To Dress For A Job Interview

Bringing your resume to your job interviews

Once you have your job resume, don’t bring it to the job interview all rolled up in your hand. Treat that resume with respect! It shows a lot about you how you bring your job resume to the interview.

If it’s rolled up in your hand or has bent corners or is wrinkled or creased, then the person interviewing you knows that your “attention to detail” is not good. That means, if you got the job, you’re not going to be as detailed.

What you should do is get a 99 cent folder at Staples or Office Max and stick copies of your resume in there.

When you go to the interview in your professional looking suit/dress and you pull out a crisp resume from your brand spanking new folder, it shows the interviewer how much you take care of yourself and the things you control. It shows that you don’t miss a single detail. It shows that you are professional and you will handle any job you get with a professional attitude.

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