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When we write our job resume we need to include the necessary information that will help the potential employer make the decision to hire us. There are effective ways to write your job resume and word it in such a way that when read, it is more appealing to the reader. This can be done without stretching the facts and without be untruthful in any way. These tips are intended to help you write a job resume that will get you hired!

  • If possible, limit the job resume to a single page. By all means do not use type so small that it can’t be read, but you also want to leave out any mundane details. Only important and notable clubs that you belong to and awards that you have won that are recognizable need to be listed.
  • I’ve done something impressive, like gained entry into the Honor Society, be sure to work that into the job resume. It can actually be included under club affiliations. Potential employers look for things like this.

  • Use the job resume to make the first impression to the employer for you. Don’t hand in a resume that has a ring from last night’s soda can on it to a potential employer. Make sure the job resume is typed in a logical format and in chronological order.
  • Don’t lie about anything on your resume. If you tell them that you know how to use a computer software title, and you actually don’t know how to use it, it will most likely come back to haunt you at some point in time.
  • Proofread the job resume. There’s nothing worse for an employer to read than a resume that is full of misspelled words and the improper use of grammar. If you use a computer to type your resume, then most word processing programs will do a spell check for you, and they can even point out grammar usage errors.
  • Use the resume to point out your most important points. Always make sure the first page, if it is longer than a single page, contains the most important information. Potential employers may be going through a lot of applications. Those job resumes that stand out to them at first glance are going to go into one pile, while the rest will go into another pile. Always remember that when first looked at, the first page is all they will see!
  • Use a lot of action type words to write your resume. Avoid the over-usage of pronouns and other similar verbiage. Brevity is the key to a good resume. The potential employer wants the highlights of your accomplishments, work history and knowledge. Typically, anything beyond that will come out in the form of the job interview when they request that you come back, or even interview you the same day. It’s at that time that you will be able to elaborate or any information based on the questions you are asked in the interview.
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