Jobs for Immigrants

jobs for immigrants, trabajo para inmigrantes ilegales
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Whether you are a legal or an illegal immigrant, you need to work in order to survive.

First things first

For illegal immigrants, the first step is to start the process to become legal. Yes, the process can become long and difficult, but it is an absolutely necessary step that you must take in order to work in America legally.

Once you’ve become a legal immigrant, you will have much more work options available to you for an overall better quality of life.

At the bottom of this page you will find government links on how to work legally in the USA.

An interesting fact is that most jobs that immigrants to American usually get are jobs that most Americans don’t want to do.

Working on farms or ranches

From our research, we have found that immigrants usually find work on farms, picking fruits or doing maintenance work such as feeding animals, cleaning, farming, etc…

Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA)

Cleaning houses and buildings

Many immigrants clean homes and office building because they can start work immediately by spreading the word through family and friends first as well as posting ads online. Companies in the cleaning industry are always hiring looking for more people to service their growing list of clients.

Watch talk show host Craig Ferguson become a US Citizen on live TV.

Gardening jobs

Also a very popular line of work for immigrants is gardening and lawn manicuring. Most homeowners are so busy that they don”t have time to do their own yard work.

Restaurant jobs for immigrants

Restaurants are known for finding compassion for immigrants looking for jobs. Many will hire extra help by employing them as dishwashers, cooks, waiters and waitresses, bus boys, cleaners, and so on.

Trabajar en hoteles

Another industry that is known to hire immigrants are hotels. Hotels are huge and often staff hundreds of people specifically looking to work within the hospitality industry. From front desk to hotel maids, janitors, grounds keepers, kitchen staff and more. Many hotels have their job availability listed online so you can apply online for hotel jobs.

How to get work as an immigrant

Kids we used to walk down the street with their lawn mowers and knocked on doors in the neighborhood asking them if they wanted their lawns mowed. No matter how high tech this world has become, knocking on doors is and will always be an effective method.

Going business to business and handing out your resume is always an effective strategy. Just make sure you dress up nice and act very presentable because you may be talking to the hiring manager or business owner without knowing it.

Today, thanks to the internet, you can start looking for work and or advertising your services for free. Websites like (seleccionar tu idioma) has many job postings from employers looking to hire workers for full time, part time, and seasonal jobs.

Using the internet is how most people are finding jobs today.

Information about immigration

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