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Working in a Bad Economy: Jobs for Seniors Citizens

In the current economy many seniors have seen their savings cut in half by recent moves in the stock and housing markets. This is driving many seniors to try to find part time jobs in order to avoid depleting their already shrinking savings. Many seek jobs for seniors in order to fill spare time and stay active.

Whatever your reason for wanting a job you can be assured of one thing right now, someone else probably wants that job too. Current job markets are flooded with people, young and old, looking for work. So what can set seniors apart in the job market? And what kinds of employers are most likely to offer jobs for seniors?

When searching for senior jobs you must consider what you have to offer to an employer. Your biggest asset is most likely your experience. You can sometimes bring more experience to the table by yourself than many young employees combined.

Part time jobs for seniors

You should ask yourself, “What am I good at or have I done a lot of?” Over the years you may have learned some very useful skills whether this be cooking, or fixing things, or talking about baseball, or having a great intuition about growing vegetables. These experiences are what can set you apart and make you a valuable employee.

Seniors are usually stable, dedicated, and diligent employees, so many employers see the value of both their experience and their responsibility. For this reason many employers create some part time jobs for seniors, knowing what an asset they can be to their business. Many websites have also started with the specific purpose of connecting jobs for seniors with people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. A quick search on the internet should bring you to one of these sites, but you can, of course, apply through any general employment site as well.

There are many employment opportunities that would make great jobs for seniors. These will likely include jobs which aren’t physically straining or stressful but rather more skill or customer service based. Some examples of good jobs for seniors include secretary, cashier, store help, substitute teacher, supervisor, light cleaning and maintenance, and many others. This list of possibilities is vast and based on your level of health and previous experiences almost any job is possible.

The big box stores, like Target and Wal-Mart, are often very willing to hire seniors for low impact part time positions. Other places that commonly employ seniors include schools, libraries, small businesses, and golf courses.

Most seniors are likely not getting a job out of dire financial need, but rather to keep their financial situation secure, or just to fill some spare time. The important thing about jobs for seniors to keep in mind is that they should be fun, they should not burden on your enjoyment of your golden years, but rather enhance it with friends and experiences. There are many young business owners that could use your wisdom and caring hand helping their operation. Plus you may find a part time job in your retired years to be very rewarding and fulfilling for many reasons. offers many online applications for part time jobs for senior citizens.

For optimum results, fill out as many online part time job applications each day until you get hired. It’s a numbers game and with the unemployment numbers so high, you have lot’s of competition out there so stick with it and keep coming back to fill out more applications as we are constantly adding new online job applications.

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