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It seams as if you see a Mcdonald’s on just about every other street corner in major cities around the world. Why is that? Probably because it’s one of the most well known brands in the world.

mcdonalds application online for jobs

Everyone know’s this brand whether they eat there or not. They are at the very top of the fast food franchise pyramid and were the original trend setters for how a fast food company should be managed and operated.

Did you ever notice that mot Mcdonalds are filled with employees from teens and young adults to middle aged moms and dads to senior citizens?

That’s because they are an equal opportunity employer and have an excellent training program for their employees called Hamburger University.

No matter what your age and or background is, they will show you how to work in a team environment and where “fast and friendly” rules the day.

Many people get their careers started careers at Mcdonalds and future employers loved to see that you once worked at Mcdonalds when reviewing your resume.

Actor/director James Franco worked at Mcdonalds when he was a starving college dropout taking acting classes and trying to get acting jobs.

He had been fired at his coffee shop job and golf course for reading on the job, so he he went to his local Mcdonalds and applied for a job. He was hired that same day. He writes a long letter about his time at Mcdonalds and how the burger chain was there for him when no one else was. Read James Franco letter to Mcdonalds here.

Mcdoalds offers great employees benefits. They include:

  • Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Profit Sharing
  • Savings Plan
  • Medical
  • Health

Working at Mcdonalds is a great option and and opportunity that you must consider if you’re looking for work.

Regardless of what career path you have chosen, the experience in their team environment is priceless. You can see their teamwork on display everyday at your local Mcdonalds.

Just walk in during a busy time of day and you can see how their system flows with all of their employees at their respective stations working together in a very streamlined process.

Even the employees that are on clean up duty are constantly walking through the restaurant keeping the place clean and safe.

Some people love Mcdonalds so much they got tattoos to show their loyalty. Check out all of these Mcdonalds tattoos.

Apply online at McDonalds and work for one of the worlds greatest companies.

Mcdonalds application online

Mcdonalds jobs and careers- click here

Also, you can download a real Mcdonalds printable application here.

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