Mcdonalds Job Application Rejection

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Over the years there have been many interesting reports of people who have filled out Mcdonalds application online and having their story go viral.

One such story comes from Australia where one over-qualified individual filled out a Mcdonalds job application and got rejected.

Normally, this wouldn’t be breaking news, however in this case it made headlines.

Why? Because this applicant was a multimillionaire.

He wasn’t trying to get the job to make money, he wasn’t trying to get the job so he could learn more about Mcdonalds corporation and how they ran their successful business.

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MOST young Australians dream of owning their own company instead of having to work at a fast food joint. And then there’s Ruslan Kogan.

Mr Kogan, the 27-year-old founder of online electronics retailer Kogan Technologies, says he wants exactly the opposite.
The entrepreneur, who made his fortune selling cut-price TVs and gadgets on the web, recently applied for a job at McDonald’s.

It wasn’t because he was after a new career. It was because he wanted to know what made the fast food giant tick.
(McDonald’s) is one of the organisations that I respect the most in the world. The things they do are incredible, and also it’s a process driven business, he told

What makes a business so good is all of the processes and the way they can get people working there from all walks of life.
But it seems you really can’t always get what you want – no matter who you are.

After filling out a nine-page application form to work at an around-the-clock McDonald’s restaurant in Elsternwick in Melbourne, Mr Kogan was knocked back.

Thank you for your application, read an email sent from the company to Mr Kogan, seen by
Unfortunately at this time your application to McDonald’s Elsternwick has been unsuccessful.

Mr Kogan, who last year made BRW’s Young Rich list with an estimated worth of $15 million, said the rejection was quite a blow.

It was a bit heartbreaking … it’s the first job I’ve applied for in five years, since I quit the corporate world, he said.
I wouldn’t have stayed there for a five-year stint, but I definitely would have taken the job, and worked my hardest, and complied with all their rules and processes.

Mr Kogan said there was a risk, had he been given the job, that McDonald’s may have caught him studying their processes – but he wasn’t fazed.

I think that they’re such a professional organisation that, you know, any huge secrets they have wouldn’t be available to staff at that level, he said.

And I have no intention of starting a fast food chain.

Mr Kogan said the idea of going undercover came during a recent late-night trip to the restaurant.

It was last Saturday night. It was about 3am, he said.

I was coming home with a few mates from a big night out. We stopped at McDonald’s in Elsternwick here in Melbourne (and) it was packed.

It was just so hectic, I thought there was no chance that they were going to get my order right.
(But) seconds later: ‘Here you go sir.’ They got it spot on.

And his order? A Mega Mac Meal with extra cheese on the burger and sweet mustard sauce for the fries.
Mr Kogan said he had no financial or other associations with the multi-billion dollar food chain, aside from a previous application to work there when he was 14. He was offered the job then, but turned it down.

When asked if he may have been rejected because McDonald’s was aware of who he was, Mr Kogan said it was unlikely but would be impressive.

If that is what they did, then it shows the level at which their processes are so great if they go and Google every single person who does an application and read about them, he said.

It’s more likely the rejection was a case of bad timing.

McDonald’s Australia said Mr Kogan was turned down simply because its Elsternwick restaurant already had enough employees.

This store is fully staffed at the moment and with school holidays coming up they have existing staff also looking for extra shifts, said corporate communications manager Bronwyn Stubbs.

Usually when this is the case the applicant will be returned to the talent pool for other restaurants to consider, however as we are currently adopting a new recruiting platform for the company, this service is temporarily unavailable.



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