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Does Mcdonalds Have a Training Program?

Yes it does! When you start work at a company you expect to get training. McDonald’s is no different. You will get extensive on the job training and as far as benefits are concerned, Mcdonalds benefits ranks among the best.

mcdonalds training hamburger university

You’ll be taught not only how to make the food that you are serving to your customers but you’ll also be taught how to run the register, make change, and handle the busy times of day. After you’ve been with McDonald’s for a while you’ll know how to do every job there inside and out

What is Hamburger University?

If you are interested in becoming a manager then you’ll want to go enroll in their management training program, Hamburger University. At the Hamburger University you’ll progress your way through shift management and system management courses. During these courses you’ll be attending one of their regional training centers. After you’ve finished them, you’ll attend the university where you’ll gain additional skills and knowledge necessary to run your own store.

If you are interested in going beyond manager of a restaurant then you’ll have other paths to follow at Hamburger U. When taking the learning/career path of mid-management you’ll learn what it means to be a business consultant and department head. You’ll continue to build your leadership skill while cultivating consulting skills. You’ll also begin teaching individuals how to operate a business and how to coach others to run a great restaurant.

Hamburger University also has a learning path for those who want to go further. The executive development learning path reinforces ongoing business and leadership skills for the top management. These courses help you to reinforce your leadership competencies that is needed to support employees, owners, and sales growth.

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