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With credit cards and debit cards becoming more commonly used the knowledge for today’s youth on how to handle physical cash has declined.
I believe that every teenage should start out getting one of the many cashier jobs that is available. Part time cashier jobs can be found in any place that physically interacts with people on a daily basis. For example one of my first, of many part time cashier jobs, was working in a gas station as a pump attendant. I was responsible for the cash that was in my drawer and to make sure the amount was correct at the end of my shift. I also learned that being able to count money was beneficial when I was not at work to make sure I was receiving the correct change.

Part time cashier jobs utilize basic math skills when dealing with the exchange of money. They also are responsible for entering the amount of items being purchased, adjust the total for any coupons the customer may have and then accepting the payment from the customer. Just like when you go someplace and want to make sure you are getting the right amount back, you have to learn to make sure you are giving someone else the correct amount. Working as a cashier can give you a new found respect for what people deal with when you are at the store buying things and more importantly it’s teaches you how to balance your register every day you work. You’ll find those skills to come in handy later in life.

I have observed over the years since I first entered the job market that the next generations have no idea how to make change. Anywhere you go in life you run into people that are doing cashiers jobs, whether it is in a major retail superstore or the corner gas station. One of the best benefits to going after part time cashier jobs is the fact that you really don’t need any previous cashier experience since you will be trained on the job.

Another benefit to having one of the numerous cashier jobs out there is the fact that if you like to interact with people this is the perfect place to do it. You should remember that when doing this type of job you must always maintain a pleasant disposition when dealing with customers. As a cashier you are the last face someone will see before they leave the establishment, you should always strive to make sure that the customer leaves happy. This will help you develop better communication skills and aid you when you go to apply for other jobs later in life.

Part time cashier jobs can teach good financial responsibility, which is essential to any person’s independence. Since cashier jobs require little to no experience they are perfect for any teenage looking to make some extra speeding cash.

Another great benefit of these types of jobs is the fact that depending on where you work you have the possibility to get discounts on items from where you work. Also there is a great opportunity for advancement when you start out as a cashier to better positions within whatever company you are with. To accomplish this you must become very proficient with making change and to be able to handle this type of repetitive work.

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