Part Time Employment for College Students

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Are you a college student who is looking for part time employment? You probably face the dilemma that most students have, an unpredictable schedule. One week you will have no homework and no tests, and then the next week you will have quizzes, tests, and papers suddenly all pile up at once. This is the problem with employment for college students, during certain times of the semester school demands so much of you that it is almost impossible to handle working and getting good grades. On the other hand, tuition and other expenses make it unreasonable for most students to try to get through school without having some form of income. What are some possible solutions for college student jobs?

One place to start your employment search is at the college you attend. Many schools have flexible positions geared towards employment for college students that either pay or give tuition breaks. These jobs may include leading tours of the campus, answering phones for an academic department, working in the student recreation center or cafeteria, tutoring, and paid research opportunities. The nicest thing about working for the school is that they understand the schedule of a student and are very understanding about the need for flexibility in employment for college students.

A part time job with the school is a nice option, but some people need to make more money for their time invested in order to afford college. Therefore, working in the restaurant and service industry is is a popular choice for employment for college students. It offers the opportunity to go to class during the day and make good money at nights. The problem is that close to campus, server and bartender jobs are often highly sought, so getting a job initially can be tough. This is made even more difficult if you are trying to find a job right at the beginning of the school year. Thousands of students like you are all moving to school and trying to find jobs at the same time.

The summer is a good time to find employment for college students because many students have gone home for the summer and so competition is reduced. Although business may be slow around campus when school is out, it will pick up when the students come back, and by then you will have already found a job. Most students also have more time in the summer which makes it easier to search for a job.

Finding employment for college students can be tough, especially finding something that will work with your schedule as a student. Most employers realize, however, that college students are smart, hard working, and responsible people. So don’t hide that you are a student when trying to find a job, that fact will most likely help your chances. Employment for college students will always continue to be a struggle between available time and available finances. For most, even more so as the economy struggles, financial pressures will require students to find ways to make time for both school and work. offers many online applications for part time jobs for college students looking to make some extra money on the side.

Being focused and extremely consistent is the key. For gi-normous results you should fill out as many online part time job applications each day until you get hired. It’s a numbers game baby, and with the unemployment numbers so high, you have lot’s of competition out there so stick with it and keep coming back to fill out more applications as we are constantly adding new online job applications for college students.

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