Part-Time Job in High School

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There are many advantages to having a part-time job in high school. The obvious benefit of course is the paycheck at the end of the week, but there are other benefits as well. These benefits are some that we may not even consider during the normal course of things.

  • Organization: having a part-time job in high school helps the student learn to become more organized in the way things are done. He or she learns that they now have a responsibility to manage their time in a manner that will allow them to continue their school work, and to meet the commitment that they have made to the manager that hired them for the job.
  • Responsibility: when working a part-time job in high school they are learning to be responsible individuals as a whole. They are beginning to realize that when they give their word that they will be somewhere at a given time, that it’s important that they keep their word as others now depend on them.

  • Financial: while working a part-time job in high school he or she is now learning how to handle and manage money, and the importance of saving some of that money for the future. For the high school student, the final years can become very expensive. Working a part-time job in high school can allow them to save some of their earnings can help to relieve the financial burden that parents experience through these final years as proms come up, graduation caps and gown, invitations, and other such expenses.

There are many other benefits to working a part-time job in high school too, but each will be unique to the individual and the specific part-time job they select. Students have actually been regularly encouraged to see part-time jobs since around 1973 when experts began to realize the benefits inherent to the student working.

It’s important however that you not allow the part-time job to take over. School must always be the most important thing in life until it is seen through to completion. The part-time in high school job must be secondary. It has been found that around 20 hours a week is beneficial to the student. This way it doesn’t begin to affect the studies. It is shown that anything more than that, or working late (perhaps beyond 10pm for the high school student) begins to adversely affect grades. The true beauty in a part-time job in high school however is its flexibility. Most managers who hire someone on a part-time basis realize these things and they are willing to work manage the schedule in a manner that does not affect the student’s grades and study habits.

In the end, the student gains very valuable time management skills in addition to the responsibility factor. This shows potential future employers, and even college admissions boards that the student is a responsible person who wants to take charge of the direction his or her life is taking. When they have a look at the application they see that the student was successfully able to not only manage working a part-time job in high school , but that he or she successfully complete school in the process and they were able to follow through and complete their goals.

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