Part-Time Jobs An Education in Life

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Let’s take a look at part-time jobs for high school students from the perspective of a parent. A high school student having a part-time job after school can be important for many different reasons. We’ll take a look at some of those reasons here and it can help the parent to understand that working part-time jobs can actually be a part of the student’s education in life among other things.

  • Money management: Working part-time jobs will teach the student money management. Not only how to handle his or her own money, but that in the job place as well.
  • Customer service skills: Students learn how to work with people on a day to day basis. In the case of a student that is shy or otherwise introverted, they will learn how to talk to others and “come out of their shell” so to speak. This can be an invaluable skill that will help them to speak up when necessary and part-time jobs can help along the way.
  • Responsibilities: The student learns to become a responsible person and to meet his or her commitments. They begin to realize that sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to meet the commitments of part-time jobs.

  • Financial: The student, when handling his or her own money begins to realize the true value of a dollar. They will soon realize that they need to save a portion of this money for the future, because when it runs out, there is no more. This is yet another valuable lesson that can be taught by part-time jobs.

  • Staying out of trouble: It has been proven time and again, that students who are involved in working a part-time job are less likely to become involved in any trouble when they are “following the leaders”. Working part-time jobs teaches them responsibility will also show them that for every action they take there is a consequence, either good or bad as a result of their actions. Doing the responsible thing will always result in good consequences.
  • The list goes on and on. There is one pitfall that may occur while a student is working part-time jobs, and that can only happen if it’s allowed to happen. That one pitfall is the student working too many hours and the grades being affected by those hours. Studies show that working in the neighborhood of 20 hours a week is just about right for a student of high school age. These same studies also show that working beyond 10:00pm on a school night can also affect grades adversely, but if we stay within certain parameters, the benefits are many.

    It’s also important too, that as a parent of a student who is working a part-time job, that you stress to them the importance of some “me” time. Students can be susceptible to the same stress levels as an adult if they over-do it, and so relaxation time mixed in with the regular schedule will allow time for the student to wind down and relieve some stress. A well managed schedule will provide a happy and productive student that has a part-time job putting money in his or her pocket.

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