Part-Time Jobs for Senior Citizens

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Once upon a time, part-time jobs for senior citizens were because the individual wanted something part-time to fill in some of their day.

These days, with the rising cost of medical care and prescriptions among other things, many senior citizens find themselves looking for suitable part-time jobs for senior citizens to meet their monthly expenses because standard social security just is not enough.

Many senior citizens and baby boomers must take maintenance medications each month, so of which run into hundreds of dollars for each prescription.

Even with Medicare and Medicaid helping out, sometimes that just isn’t enough, so senior citizens must either take on part-time jobs, or face the dilemma of either eating, or getting their medication.

So they find themselves going without their medication or trying to stretch it out by skipping doses. Part-time jobs for seniors help to make the medications affordable for them.

There are many different options when looking for part-time jobs for senior citizens. There are in fact places that advertise offering part-time jobs for senior citizens, preferring them over anyone else because of the sense of responsibility already instilled in the senior citizen.

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The other reason is because there is a need for someone in that particular position and it’s generally not a strenuous job and is a part-time job that is easy to do.

Part-time jobs for senior citizens can include any of the following positions among many others:

  • Retail sales clerk: Most retail stores have clerks on the floor whose job it is to do nothing except arrange merchandise and provide assistance to customers. This is an important job and a potentially part-time job for senior citizens.
  • Greeter: Another excellent part-time job for senior citizens is greeting customers as they enter the store. It is believed that when people are greeted as they enter the store they tend to spend more money, making this part-time job for senior citizens yet another important part of the retail setting.
  • Clerk: Again, in the retail setting, specialty stores like book stores offer part-time jobs for senior citizens as clerks. The work is generally not a fast paced atmosphere and are perfect part-time jobs for senior citizens.

For these types of jobs, you can go to our Department store and retail job applications online

Security guard jobs

Senior citizens that are looking for part time or full time work should consider working as security guards. Remember, at it’s basic core, a security guards job is to be an extra set of eyes onsite to help prevent crime.

Security guards that spot any crime or suspicious lo0king people are simply there to prevent the crime from happening.They don’t have to engage in violence, but rather to alert the other guards and or police.

Their very presence alone helps to dramatically decrease any instance of crime. This is why seniors looking for work should consider applying for security guard jobs.


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Click the following link for a complete list of jobs to apply for online if you’re looking for senior citizen jobs.

There are many other part-time job possibilities for senior citizens than just those, but the point is that even in troubled economic times such as we face now, there are plenty of opportunities to be had for the senior citizen wanting or needing a part-time job. We simply have to know the right places to look, and the right people to ask.

Thanks to the recession, many senior citizens are actually forced to look for jobs to supplement their income.

There are many resources available to help you in your search for senior citizen jobs including you local newspaper, online and perhaps even on the resource board at the local senior center.

Simply ask around and someone is bound to have information about, or know someone that has information about finding a part-time job to supplement your income.

There are even services available in most counties that will help give training to senior citizens who are looking to re-enter the job market.

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