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Are you a teen looking for your first job? Don’t know where to start looking for part time jobs for teens? In this economy it is going to be a challenge to find work, but it is possible. First of all, the best place to start is with the people who you know. Without having any previous work experience it may be tough to find someone willing to “take a chance” on you. The best way for you to get a job is going to be through a friend, your parents, or someone else you know.

Some employers are not open to hiring people under 18 years old, but most jobs allow you to start work when you are 16 years old. Some places are great sources of teen jobs online applications. If there are places in your community that employ many of your fellow students you may want to apply there as they are clearly willing to offer part time jobs for teens. You want to start with your friends who have jobs, ask them if their employer is or will be hiring soon.

There are other places close to you that may be good to check when searching for part time jobs for teens. One of your parents’ friends may be able to provide you with work if they own their own business. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers, coachers, school counselors, or your friend’s parents about part time jobs for teens. If people know you and think you are trustworthy they will normally be more than happy to give you some recommendations, and many people will go the extra mile of introducing you to a friend or boss in order to help you out.

Realize that when an employer hires you they are gambling on whether you will be a good employee or not. Bad employees can cost business owners money, customers, and ultimately their Businesses’ entire reputation. So when a trusted employee recommends someone for a job it takes some of the “guess work” out of the manager or owner’s job. Part time jobs for teens are no exception to this fact either, having someone who can put in a good word for you could make the difference in you getting a job or spending the entire summer broke. This is why most people, adults included, will look to the people they know first when they are trying to find a job.
Another important point when applying for part time jobs for teens is to know not to be timid. Don’t be afraid to call a few days after you have submitted your application to check in. You may think your are being annoying or that it is unnecessary. Many managers like this kind of effort, however, because it indicates that you are very interested in the position and that you follow through on things. Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged if your first couple of applications don’t work out. Right now is a tough time to find part time jobs for teens, and many people are competing for jobs. Just be patient and be willing to keep working at it, and soon enough the right opportunity will come along.
Here’s the great news! offers online part time job applications for teens to find work! It’s easy. All you have to do is fill out as many online application forms as possible and if you don’t hear back in a reasonable amount of time, fill out the same applications again.

Why is it important to fill out the same applications over and over? It’s because employers looooove persistent workers. They love seeing how bad you really want to work. If an employer received 100 job applications from teens looking for work, and 10 of those came from one persistent teenager, you bet that teenager will stand out among the rest because it shows that he/she was serious about finding work and it shows that he/she wanted the job bad enough.

So be consistent and keep coming back to to fill out your online job applications as we are constantly updating our database to bring you more job opportunities on a daily basis.

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