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Full time job seekers should also look into creating a job resume.

If you’re serious about changing careers and or applying for full time jobs, then you need to have a great resume that your potential employers can read through before and during your job interview.

What is a resume?

Basically, a resume summarizes your experiences and skills from the past, especially the experiences that relate to the career path that you choose.

It’s always important to highlight any success or accomplishments that show how qualified you are for the job that you’re applying for.

Remember, a job interview is your chance to "sell yourself" to your potential employer. This is your chance to prove to your potential employer that you are better than all of the other candidates that will also interview for the same position.

You need the BEST tools to help you get the job. Anything less than the best and you will make the other candidates applying for the same job look better than you.

Here are some tools and services that will help you create a powerful resume. (top social media site for professional networking)

Resume samples

More resume examples

Remember that a great job resume is your ultimate tool when applying for full time jobs or changing careers.

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