Starbucks Complete Employee Job Benefits Package

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One of the most famous brands in the world is the behemoth coffee brand, Starbucks. They are the Mcdonalds of the coffee of the industry.

Their brand is synonymous with excellence and quality. Their coffee is a whole other level than other coffee outlets and their jobs are the same… people want to work there.

They are considered one of the best places to work at if you’re in the hunt for a part time job. You can fill out a Starbucks application online here.

From high school and college students, to senior citizens looking to get out of retirement and stay busy, Starbucks is like the golden ticket for part time job seekers. They are well known to keep their employees happy with a comprehensive job benefits package that also includes full tuition reimbursement for getting your college degree online through Arizona State University.

How much in tips do Starbucks employees make?

That alone is a great advantage for working at Starbucks compare to other part time jobs. Also, working at Starbucks you’ll also get tips that average between $1-$2 for every hour you work, $3-$5 an hour at the more popular stores, and even more during the holidays.

So, if you work 24 hrs a week, you’ll average around $100-$200 in tips each month, conservatively speaking, and about $300-$400 a month or more at the more popular stores and once again, higher during the holidays.

Starbucks employee benefits

Here is a quick rundown of the job benefits that Starbucks offers

  • medical
  • dental
  • vision
  • health
  • 401k
  • adoption assistance
  • full tuition reimbursement through Arizona State University online
  • recognition programs
  • career sabbaticals
  • time-off programs
  • one pound of free coffee or tea each week

For a complete look at Starbucks job benefits, here is their official Starbucks employee benefits package-

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You can download the pdf here


As you can see, working at Starbucks is like the Holy Grail of part time jobs. If you are in the search for supplemental income of looking for a career change, check out Starbucks and, if nothing else, you’ll get free coffee!

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