Summer Jobs for College Students

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Finding Work for Summer Break:

So you are on Summer break from high school huh? That means sun, friends, fun, and most importantly NO SCHOOL! So what are you going to do with yourself until next school year? You have probably got some fun things planned for the summer but someone smart once said that anything thats fun to do costs money. So have you figured out how to afford to make your summer truly epic? Have you considered getting a part time job for the summer?

Teen summer jobs have long been a way for many teens to pass the summer and earn a little spending money as well. With the economy struggling your parents may not be able to afford to send you on trips or pay for the gas in your car. A part time job could really ease up on the financial strain you put on them. Also, teen summer jobs are a great way to learn about financial management, how banks work, as well as many other life lessons that are important for being an adult.

A monumentally important asset in finding work later in your life is having experience. Most adults will tell you that employers don’t like to hire people with no experience. It would be a good idea for you to graduate high school with at least some positive employment experience. You should use your teen summer jobs as a way to gain different work experiences and references so that you can more easily find work after you finish high school, or once you’re in college. Plus having work experience may give you an idea of what you do and don’t like to do, as well as where your strengths as an employee may be. This could help you decide what you want to study in school or do as a career. So as you can see teen summer jobs can benefit you in many ways, from gaining money and friends, to learning about yourself and building your resume.

How then do you go about finding teen summer jobs, especially in a bad economy? Probably the best place to start is with the people you know. Do any of your friends work? Do any of your parents friend’s own businesses? Are there any places in the area that are popular for teen summer jobs? If you have no work experience then your best chance will be to get a job someplace where you have an “In,” or someone inside the company that knows you. The best thing to do is let friends, family members, teammates, teachers, counsellors, etc. know that you are looking for work and see if anyone knows of teen summer jobs in your community.

Since many high school students can only work for the summer due to school it is often a good idea to find teen summer jobs at places that do the majority of their business in the summer. These kinds of places tend to hire at the beginning of summer as their business picks up. Examples of places like this include golf courses, ice cream parlors, companies involving water sports, amusement parks, and tourist destinations. The summer economy varies based on your location but either way it is good to know that there are some companies who could use temporary employees, like you, for the summer.

Make sure to fill out at one online application for part time jobs per day on to get the best results. Tenacity is the key to all of your goals in life. If you want something bad enough, you MUST do everything it takes to achieve your goals.

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