Top 10 Best Retail Jobs- Best Companies

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Looking for a part time job can be daunting. There are just too many options these days and it’s understanble if you’re a little lost on where to begin.

If you’re aiming to work for a retail company, then lets break this down and get you started on the right track.

Based on, a community where anonymous employees share their reviews and opinions about employers, the top 10 best retail jobs to work at are as follows.

Here’s the countdown from the tenth spot to the number one retail company to work for.

top retail companies for part time jobs

10.) H & M jobs

At the top ten best retail companies list is H&M. They have close to 4,000 stores worldwide and over 800 factories. H&M offers upward mobility for its employees with a very professional culture and great benefits. They offer jobs in cashier and stock, management positions included. Click here for H & M online application

9.) The Gap jobs

Next in line at number nine is The Gap. With over 3,263 retails locations and counting, The Gap offers full-time and part-time hours with decent pay. They also offer raises and reward programs along with discounts at various stores related to The Gap. It is a great place to work for if you are in high school or college. Click here for The Gap online application

8.) Nordstrom jobs

At number eight in ranking is Nordstrom. Nordstorm offers over 171 stores has great benefits with 401k options for longer tenured employees. Great people, good benefits, 401k options if you stay long enough, plenty of room for moving up. They also promote from within the company. Not to mention the good commission. Click here for Nordstrom online application

top 10 retail jobs to work at

7.) REI jobs

Coming in seventh on our list is REI. With over 135 stores, REI also opens six new stores every year. They pay very well for retail part time. It does not demand much physical work. They also offer a benefit plan called ProDeals which are said to be the best in retail. Click here for REI online application

6.) The Container Store

Number six on the list is Container Store. The Container Store which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas has only sixty stores nationwide. But if you are lucky enough to live in a region that offers this specialty shop, you are in for a treat if you are hired. The actually provide part-time benefits and they train their employees well. They ever give unbelievable discounts with great management training. Click here for The Container Store online application

5.) IKEA jobs

Starting with the top five is IKEA. With over 350 stores in 43 counties, IKEA is one of the most dominant retail stores in the world. They offer terrific benefits which includes healthcare, meal deals, holiday gifts and parties, and a great culture. They also train well. Click here for IKEA online application

4.) Sephora

Fourth on our list is Sephora as one of the best retail companies. Sephora is a French brand employer but that do have over 400 locations within J.C. Penney. They offer discounts and gratis. They even offer holiday discounts and rewards for satisfactory jobs. Click here for Sephora online application

3.) J Crew

Third in our ranking is J. Crew. They have over 300 retail stores across the country with some very nice benefits and discounts on top of the line clothes. This is a job that is career oriented with flex scheduling. Click here for J Crew online application

2.) Nordstrom Rack

A close second is Nordstrom Rack a subsidiary of the Nordstrom department stores. With 115 stores and counting, Nordstorm Rack pay is a lot better than many retailers across the country. They offer some good discounts and growth from within. Their training is top quality. Click here for Nordstrom online application

1.) Costco

Out of all the all of the best retail companies, Costco takes the number one spot. They are the seventh largest retailer in the world with over 649 stores and counting. They offer the whole nine yards here. Benefits for part-time employees is a plus. They keep things fresh by moving you around the store in different departments so that you won’t get burned out. The schedules are flexible and the training is the best in the country. Click here for Costco online application

Well there you have it the top 10 ten best retail job applications online for companies that you should look at if you’re looking to work for a solid company with great reputations from past and current employees.


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