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When you turn 14 you may need some "fun money" and extra cash to purchase things you want, hang out at the mall, go to the movies or events, and buy things that you are interested in. But how do you make money? For 15 yr old jobs, click here.

You need a job, not just for the money, but little experience goes along way. Child labor laws are strict on less than 16 years employments.

But how will you get a jobs for 14 yr old if you are not yet 16? Here are some ideas listed below

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1.) Build websites and blogs

Do you know how to create simple looking websites using CMS platforms like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc? Many hosting companies offer easy one click installations for these content management systems. If you know how to do this and create simple but professional looking websites, you can make good money from local small business owners (like the local mechanic, restaurants, dry cleaners, nail salon, hair salons, etc…).

You can easily charge $200 plus in CASH for a simple 5 page website or blog you create for them. PLUS, you can offer to "manage" their website each month for a small monthly fee. If they don’t want to pay monthly, you can charge them $25 or more per hour every time they need to make a change on their website or want to add more pages. Be creative. Sky’s the limit.

2.) Social Media and Online Marketing

Today, if a local company doesn’t have a website for their business, then they are losing potential clients to other local competitors. If you know how to use Twitter, create and post things on Facebook, Pinterest, or Linkedin business pages, you can go to local businesses (like the mechanic, carpet cleaner, computer repair guy, car lots, hair stylist, etc…) and charge them a fee to create their pages on social media, then also charge them a monthly fee to create posts for their pages.

For example you can say, "I create Twitter and Facebook accounts for a flat fee of $50 and for another fee of $10-$20 PER WEEK, you will create 2 Tweets and 2 Facebook post related to your business EACH WEEK (thats about 8-10 tweets and facebook posts per month). Let them know that they can cancel any time. Explain to them how important it is to constantly market to their local communties for without the constant marketing, their competitors will get the business and they can lose hundreds and even thousands per month.

3.) Become a Baby Sitter

It is not hard to get a baby sitting job. Obviously, the first place to put the word out is family and friends. Let them know when you are available and how their kids can benefit from you watching them (tutor them, help them do their homework, play games, the trust factor, etc…). You can also print some flyers and post them within your neighborhood. In addition, you can go online and check for websites that do register babysitters and fill in your details and contact information such that parents looking for babysitters can easily find you. You can earn 5$-10$ per hour depending on the number of kids you will be responsible for.

4.) Become a Tutor

If you are good at a particular subject in class or know how to play a musical instrument very well, you can look for a job as tutor. You can contact your local youth center, put an ad online or in a newspaper, or print flyers and post them all around your neighborhood. You can make $15-$35 per hour from tutoring subjects offered at your school.

5.)Take Online Surveys

Take surveys online at It’s one of the most well known survey sites online. Companies around the world need opinions from real consumers just like you.

You can sign up for a free account and you’ll start getting email alerts of surveys for you to take. You get paid for each survey you take- from $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, etc… per survey. You’ll get paid through Paypal whenever you want them to pay you as long as you have a minimum of $1 in your account.

Click here to sign up for free at They are a leader in the online survey world and if you want to start making money online immediately, this is the easiest way to do it.

6.) Lawn Care

You can put signs in your community or go door to door and find out whether they would love to hire you to mow their lawn. You can earn $10 and above for mowing your neighbors lawn.

7.) Newspaper Delivery

Do some research and find out whether your local newspaper would love to hire someone on bike or walk the route with a paper cart for delivery. Sometimes this is an early morning newspaper so you’ll have to do this real early in the morning. You can make $40 per week.

Here’s a little motivational video YOU SHOULD WATCH!

8.) Fence Painting

If you can handle paint brushes then this job is for you. You just need some exterior paint, brushes rags, and paint brush cleaner and you are good to go. The homeowner should buy the paint or refund you the money you spent on the paint and supplies, so have them buy the paint in advance or go to the store together and pick out the paint and supplies. You can have some business cards and pass them around your neighborhood so that people can know the kind of services you offer. You can earn $50 for 100 feet of fence.

9.) Caddies

Find your loval 18 hoe golf courses. Throughout the year and especially during the summer months, golf aficionados never miss golf courses. Talk to the "Golf Pro" at the golf course and ask what the process is. Usually, it’s simple. You show up early in the morning along with al the other caddies and put your name on the list. Each time a golfer needs a caddy, the Golf Pro calls the next person on the list. This will require you to walk with the golfer (and their group) and pull out the club each time their turn is up. They expect you to know anything about golf, they will just want you to clean the grass and dirt off their clubs each time. Also, you’ll learn how to pull out the flag pin when they are putting the ball into the hole. It’s easy and outdoors but you’ll be walking the whole time so youll definitely get your excersize in!

It’s a job that needs no qualifications for and you can make cash that day. You can go out 2 or even 3 times a day if you get there early and make $10-$15 or so with tips each time you go out.

10.) Dog Walking

If you love dogs and you are 14 years of age, you can earn some money from your passion. There are many pet owners who do not have enough time to take their dogs for a walk. You can take advantage of this by posting flyers with your community plus your contact details and earn from $6 on up per walk.

11.) Car Washing

You do not need to own a car wash; you can easily use your driveway or go door to door and ask neighbors if they would like their cars washed and earn from $5 and above per car. Add other extras like detailing and waxing for more money for each "extra" they want.

12.) Selling Lemonade or other goodies

Sounds funny, but the idea still works. If not lemonade, then choose something like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, other pastries, etc… You can add your own twist to it like using all organic ingredients or especially made for vegans, etc…

Seriously, start with your friends, family, and classmates and if your stuff is scrumptiously delicious, you’ll gain a following really quickly.

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