Top Jobs for 15 Year Olds

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Child labor laws are strict on less people who are under 16 years of age so if you are 15 yrs old, and need money to buy that new pair of jeans, hang out with your friends, buy the new xbox, or just go to a concert with your buddies, then you’ll have to get creative and look for ways to make cash immediately without having to qualify for anything.

So, listed below, are ideas for the top jobs for 15 yr olds

jobs for 15 yr olds

1.) Build websites and blogs

We talked about this in our article Top 12 Jobs for 14 yr olds, but it’s still the top option for 15 yrs as well. Since the legal age to work part time in most companies is 16 yrs old, as a 15 yr old you’re forced to get creative and use your own skills to make money.

Since the internet is here to stay and EVERY local business NEEDS an “online presence,” if you have any website building skills at all, this is the best option for you. And here’s the thing, no matter what age you are, if you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s etc… and know how to build websites, you can make a great business doing this on your own and “being your own boss.”

If you know how to create simple good looking websites using Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, you can make good money from local small business owners (like the local carpet cleaner, carwash, mechanic, mom and pop restaurants, dry cleaners, coffee shops, nail salons, hair salons, etc…).

You can easily charge a couple of hundred dollars in CASH for a simple 5 page website or blog you create for them.

In addition, you can offer to be their webmaster and “manage” their website every month for a monthly fee (for example $30-$50 for basic maintenance). If they don’t want to pay monthly, you can charge them per hour every time they need to make a change on their website or want to add more pages. You can charge $25- $55 per hour (or more depending on what they want. You’re the boss so create reasonable and affordable prices.

2.) Social Media and Online Marketing Jobs

Again, we discussed this in our jobs for 14 yr olds and it’s still in play for 15 yr olds.

The internet has “leveled the playing field” and small to medium businesses can now market their services to local communities and compete with the bigger name brand companies (like restaurant, retail shops, coffee shops, auto parts, etc…).

If a local company isn’t “found online” then they are losing potential clients to their competitors.

So it comes down to this, if you know how to use Twitter, create and post things on Facebook, Pinterest, or Linkedin business pages, you can head over to your local businesses (like the neighborhood mechanics, mom and pop restaurants, carpet cleaners, dry cleaners, car lots, service related business, tax preparation experts, law firms, etc…) and offer to create their pages on social media, for a monthly fee.

Give them options like, $25 a week for 2 relevant posts per week on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If they want more posts per week (the more active their pages are, the better), the more they pay. For example, 4 posts per week on all three social networking sites for $50, $100 a week for 10 posts per week on all three sites.

That’s 30 social networking posts for $100. That’s a great way to get their business in front of the local community.

They can pay you cash, check, or through paypal.

You can also charge them to make graphics related to their businesses. Be creative and just know that many business owners don’t know how to use social media or market their business online.

If you know how to do this, then you actually have a great career ahead of you if you ever want to pursue a career in marketing. Every business in the world has to market their products or services in order to survive. That’s the ways it’s been from the beginning of time until the end of time.

Make use of your marketing skills, it’s a great way to make lots of extra cash.

3.) Write Articles Onlins for Website Owners

Here’s how you can make money online by simply writing articles for other people. Go to and sign up for a free account. There are thousands and thousands of website owners looking to pay people to write articles for them.

If you’re good at using Google to look up information and are able to write about what you just learned, then you can make great part time income by writing articles for others.

Here’s how it works. For example, someone might post a writing job that says “I need an article on how to use Twitter or Facebook.”

You accept the job and start writing an article about how to create a Twitter/Facebook account, how to post on your feed/timeline, how to create friends, how to use the hashtag, etc…”

Once you finish the article, you submit it, and if the person accepts it, they will buy it and will Paypal you the money. If the person rejects the article, they may ask you to rewrite the article. If not, there are always more article jobs being posted every day.

No qualifications necessary. Just be willing to write articles fast and efficiently and get paid through Paypal.

4.) Take Online Surveys

You can go to and take online surveys. Companies around the world need opinions from real consumers just like you.

Sign up for a free account and you’ll start getting email alerts of surveys for you to take. You can get paid from $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, etc… per survey. You’ll get paid through Paypal whenever you want them to pay you as long as you have a minimum of $1 in your account.

Click here to sign up for free at They are a leader in the online survey world and if you want to start making money online immediately, this is the easiest way to do it.

5.) House Keeping Services

Most 15 year old teens can do house chores easily. This is a great opportunity for you to offer your service to your neighbors and friends. You can earn at least at least $8-$12 per hour on this job. You can post your house keeping services online and you can also distribute flyers and business cards to your neighbor to market your services.

6.) Mowing Lawns and Yard Work Services

For this job you can mow lawns to start off with. During the spring and summer you can also do weed control. In the fall you can rake leaves. Shovel snow in winter and planting in spring.

Other services can include trimming trees, chopping wood, trimming or sculpting bushes, plant grass/flowers/trees, etc… Be creative and charge extra for additional services. You can charge $8-$12 per hour depending on how hard the job will be. You can also charge by the project as well.

7.) Washing and Detailing Cars

Are you a car lover? Your neighbors would be glad to offer you work in cleaning cars. For your auto detailing service, you can earn up to $ 15 for just a basic hand car wash and vacuuming. You can charge additional fees for other services like car waxing.

Here’s a little motivational video YOU SHOULD WATCH!


8.) Walking dogs

Believe it or not there are lots of people doing this in neighborhoods throughout the U.S. You can post flyers around the neighborhood or post ads online offering your services. People are busy and exhausted when they come home from a long hard days work and walking their pets is probably the last thing on their minds. For them, paying someone to do this a view times a week is money well spent. You can earn $8-$10 per hour for this job or charge for a certain about of times per week.

9.) Delivery Jobs and Running Errands Services

You can start with your neighbors to do errands or deliveries that they will offer for you to do. You can make business cards or flyers to advertise your services. You don’t need a driver’s license and drive a car in doing this job. You can easily use your bike to do the errands for this job. You can earn about $ 8-$10 per hour for this job or charge by the project (for example $20 per project, etc…).

10.) Teaching Musical Instruments

If you are good in a particular instrument you can teach other kids who are younger than you. This is a fulfilling job and you can earn $10 – $15 per hour from this job. Put an ad or print out flyers and post them around the neighborhood.

11.) Teaching Drawing, Painting or Art

This is also one fulfilling job because you are entitled to share your knowledge in the arts with other younger kids your age. And you can earn $12-$18 per hour on this job. Referral from clients will boost the marketing of your services, so be good in teaching to attract more clients and referrals from friends.

12.) Computer Programming

You can have programming jobs online. At a young age of 15 years old, there are teens that are good in this area. You can earn up to $ 10 per hour on this job.

13.) Painting Jobs

On every street there are multiple houses that need some sort of painting. A house, a fence, interior painting, etc… Through youtube, you can learn all the tricks of the trade. Your best bet is to approach homeowners directly by knocking on their doors if you see a house or fence that needs painting. You can earn up to $10-$20 per hour on this job depending on your skill and what neighborhood you are painting in.

14.) Make Money Walking Dogs

One of the best jobs for any age is to become a dog walker. You can walk many dogs throughout the day and earn great money.

This job is great for dog lovers or people who just want flexible hours . Read more about making money walking dogs here.

Final note.

You want to advertise your services everywhere. Print flyers with a description of the services you offer and why you are a great person to hire and maybe how your business is better than the competition.

Make sure you include your email address and or phone number. Also, create a free ad on (select your city).

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