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photos of mcdonalds tattoos
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When you choose to put a tattoo on your body, it’s your chance to show your creativity to the whole world.

If you end up in a photo showing your tattoo and that photo is posted online (ie on facebook, instagram, twitter, etc…) then the whole world has potential to see it, especially if that photo goes viral.

So, what would you choose to put on your body for the whole world to see?

These people chose…..

wait for it…….

…. Mcdonalds tattoos.

1.) You must love Mcdonalds a whole heck of a lot to have a Ronald Mcdonald tattoo on your back.

ronald mcdonald back tattoo

2.) Mcdonalds tattoo on bicep. If there’s a weight training regimen that allows us to eat at Mcdonalds while we workout and lose weight, I’m in!

mcdonalds bicep tattoo

3.) Big Mac tattoo on lower back. You’re a big Mcdonalds fan if you have a Mcdonalds tattoo. You’re even a bigger Mcdonalds fan if you have that tattoo on your lower back. What were you thinking?

mcdonalds lower back big mac tattoo

4.) Mcdonalds tattoo on ankle. How sweet. Matching Mcdonalds tattoos on your calves/shins/ankles.

mcdonald ankle and calves tattoo

5.) Mcdonalds cast tattoo on chest. You have to be a little crazy to cover your chest with the whole cast of Mcdonalds tat includes the Hamburgler. Cheers!

mcdonalds chest breast tattoo

6.) Fat Ronald Mcdonald tattoo on forearm. This is what Ronald Mcdonald himself would look like if he ate every meal at Mcdoalds. Think about it.

ronald mcdonald fat tattoo

7.) Mcdonalds logo tattoo lower back g string. Seriously? Lower back is prime real estate for tattoos on chicks who love to wear g-strings and thongs. But a tat of the Mcdonalds logo is as creative as you can get?

mcdonalds lower back g-string tattoo

8.) Mcdonalds Hamburglar tattoo on calve. Well, if I had to choose a Mcdonalds character for a tattoo, the Hamburglar is the best one. Look at the cool colors.

mcdonalds hamburglar tattoo

9.) Mcdonalds I’m lovin it tattoo. You know a company slogan is working if people are inclined to tattoo their bodies with it. (image credit: WTF tatoos)

mcdonalds I'm lovin it tattoo

10.) Another lower back tattoo of Mcdonalds. We’re seeing a pattern here. Stars, clouds…. Mickey D’s.. Ahhh…Heaven.

mcdonalds tattoo on lower back

11.) Mcdonalds McRib tattoo. This must be the biggest McRib fan. What better place on your body to put a McRib tattoo at than on your…. ribs.

mcdonald mcrib tattoo

12.) Mcdonalds tattoo receipt on arm. This guys Mcdonalds tattoo takes the cake. Stian Ytterdah, 18 yr old from Norway first tattooed his Mcdonalds receipt on his right arm as a joke among he and his friends. A week later, he tattooed his left arm with the same tattoo!

mcdonalds receipt tattoo

13.) Mcdonalds drink tattoo on arm. Don’t know what kind of drink this is, but seriously? A drink?

mcdonalds milkshake tattoo

14.) Mcdonalds plane crash Big Mac tattoo. If you’re going to get a Mcdonalds tattoo, you might as well get real creative.

mcdonalds plane crash big mac tattoo

15.) Mcdonalds logo back tattoo. If you’re going to get a back tattoo, why not endorse your favorite fast food company?

mcdonalds logo back tattoo

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