Why Become a Security Guard Officer?

why become a security officer
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Security guard jobs are in demand, especially since Sept 11 and all the acts of terror around the world since then. Many job candidates fail to land their dream security officer jobs due to the fact that they just do not please the interviewer or panel of interviewers in some way shape or form. You must stand out at the job interview!

There are a lot of things you should know before approaching the interview and regardless of how educated you are or how detailed your resume may look, you may just be passed over for a less qualified individual if you do not know the secrets to passing this interview.

The importance of security guard jobs is pretty obvious. Don’t you just feel safer when there are security guards present? Whether you’re going to the grocery store, school, work, airport, and any public or private place that is open to the public, security guards on the premises actually make you feel safer and more secure. Simply imagine a world without them and you can feel the immediate impact of that.

If you’re looking for a job, there are many benefits of becoming a security guard so make sure to have that on your list of possible career paths to explore.

The first of these benefits is that being the first line of defense for your company or organization, you command some degree of respect from the rest of the employees. This is clearly a source of higher self-esteem.

Also, security guards often stand a higher chance for consideration in the event a company is contemplating raising its employees’ wages, . This is naturally so due to the risky nature of the job.

Job security in the security guard industry is pretty much guaranteed if you do your job well. Why? For example, workplace violence security in Los Angeles has grown tremendously over the years since Los Angeles is home to many industries like the film/tv industry, internet related industries, mortgage & banking, visual and gaming industry, etc…

why become a security officer

Another benefit of security guard jobs is the fact that it offers limitless training. Everyday, we are faced with new security threats which warrant better training and equipment of security guards. Security guard jobs in Los Angeles and New York are always in demand due to the fact that some of the worlds biggest and best companies will always located there. For this reason, these jobs offer a lifelong learning and training experience that is not witnesses in other jobs.

Other benefits of being a security guard

There is no limit to what one can acquire by working as a security guard and one more benefit is the fact that these jobs open you up for other jobs such as being a member of the armed forces. The training one undergoes through to become a security guard, coupled with on-the-job experience received places security guards at a vantage point when it comes to qualification for military, police or other armed forces jobs.

In addition, these jobs also prequalify you for other career paths such as becoming a personal trainer or fitness instructor, all thanks to the training acquired in the course of becoming a security guard.

Security guard requirements

Want to become a security guard? If so, then you need to have acquired a high school diploma. However, the competitive job market has made it necessary for prospective security guards to want some edge. To gain some advantage over other candidates, you could pursue education further and get an associate’s degree in criminal justice. The laws and regulations for becoming a security guard are on the government site here. Other skills required of a security guard would include the following:

  • Good communication skills.
  • Good analytical and decision making skills.
  • Possession of public relations skills.
  • Team player.

The following is what a security guard officer job entails:

  • Protecting a company’s property and employees by patrolling the area.
  • Monitoring access into property through surveillance.
  • Identifying, frisking and asking for valid documentation from visitors.
  • Guarding against theft or burglary.
  • Responding to alarms and distress calls.
  • Liaising with the other departments for efficiency within the company or organization.
  • Undertaking other duties as may be assigned by immediate supervisor.

Some other things to consider

As a security officer, there are lots of challenges to expect from your line of work. The most common challenge, of course, is having to deal with unruly visitors who won’t agree to frisking. It is always important to approach such people with caution and establish their motives before judging them.

There could be other challenges such as being held in contempt by other employees on account of your job status. In more extreme cases, you may find yourself having to deal with worse incidences such as having to disengage fighting employees or even having to report an employee for breach of the organization’s rules.

Security guard job interview tips

Before you go into your security guard job interview, it is always important to take certain measures that will pre-qualify you for a security guard job. There are very many things you could do to get an edge in the interview.

First of all, it is important to dress well for the interview. Dressing well means dressing officially as opposed to casually. If at all possible, put on a tie, wrist watch and have black closed shoes. This will give the panelists a very good first impression of you.

Stand and sit straight with good posture. This will actually help you to become more confident, believe it or not. So don’t slouch and remember that they have and will be interviewing many more candidates for the open job positions.

However, dress code is not the only thing you should look out for. Your overall grooming matters too. For example, how neat is your hair, both on your head, chin or your mustache. Proper grooming means banishing all tattoos from your body and if you have very strong reasons for wanting them there, ensure they are not morally suggestive. For example, tattoos that depict drug usage such as a leaf of cannabis, or those that depict violence such as a pistol may automatically disqualify you from landing the job. Ensure you also have moderate make-up that include and proper cologne. Do not wear any sexually suggestive cologne or make-up; just keep to the simple tricks that enhance your beauty.

Read this article on how to dress for a job interview.

There are common mistakes made during interviews for security guards, always ensure you stay away from these. The most common mistake is canvassing for the job. At all cost, remain true to yourself and only seek to sell your credentials to the interviewer or panel as opposed to trying to make unsolicited moves to gain unfair advantage.

Another mistake most people make is attending these interviews adorned in security guard type uniforms. This is not an acting audition. Everyone knows you have a passion for the job but do not make it look as though you have won the spot already; this is more or less jumping the gun to say the least.

And probably the most important thing you should look to is your attitude during these interviews. Confidence is key. Do not appear as though you are sorry for applying for the job but rather try to prove to the panelists that you are the best candidate there is. However, you should watch your confidence level and ensure it does not amount to bold and forwardness.

When it is the time to begin the interview, start by presenting your resume. It will speak volumes of your ability, especially if you are not the sort of person to flaunt your credentials. A resume answers so many questions about you.

The following are the questions you should expect to be asked by the interviewer. Each of these questions can be answered depending on your abilities and situation.

  • Why should we choose you?
  • Why do you think you are the best fit for this job?
  • What would you do if you find two members of staff fighting?
  • Would you have reservations about reporting a member of staff for theft or any other act of policy violation?
  • What course of action would you take in the event of a dispute with another security guard?

Security jobs in los angeles

Normally in a job interview, they give you an opportunity to ask them questions. Take advantage of that as it shows that you’ve given the job opportunity a considerable amount of thought and that you are a very concerned, thorough, and attentive person.

The following are some of the questions to ask the interviewer.

  • What is the scope of work I am expected to handle?
  • What will be my starting salary?
  • Is there a chance of salary increment and if so, what are the grounds for the same?
  • What is the risk level of my work?
  • Under what circumstances would I have to answer to anyone else aside from my immediate supervisor?
  • What are the fringe benefits that come with this job?
  • What security company, if any, will I be liaising with?

Follow all the steps in this article to help you with your preparation when interviewing for security guard jobs. Without a doubt, they will help you stand out among the competition…and you’ll need all the help you can get if you really want the job!

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