Working a Part-time Job

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There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that working a part-time job is important and teaches valuable skills to students at the same time. It doesn’t matter if the student is in high school or college the benefits are much the same:

  • Learning responsibility
  • Time management skills
  • Managing money
  • Handling money in a business setting

There are many other benefits as well, but you get the picture I am trying to create here. The most important thing when working a part-time job as a student is that the job not be permitted to affect the studies in an adverse manner. School should be the most important goal to complete, and the job secondary to that. If studies begin to become affected, then you should talk with the manager about perhaps cutting back the hours a bit.

Some tips to help you effectively manage working a part-time job and school are:

  • Time Management: In order to create an effectively balanced schedule, you should plan your schedule around your classes as far in advance as possible. In high school, this may be done through a work-study program that may be in effect at your school. Keep in mind that there will be credit requirements involved before you may be actually able to participate in this program. Check with your guidance counselor for details on a program such as this. Beyond that, your manager should be prepared to offer a schedule to you that will “fit” your studies. Most businesses that offer working a part-time job like this will already have a program in place.
  • Efficient use of time: If you are working a part-time job and traveling on a bus or other similar mode of transportation, or you are otherwise being driven to work when working a part-time job, use the time to go over papers that contain important information for your classes, or to read that chapter of the book for your next report. You’ll be surprised at how much can be accomplished when waiting!
  • Be flexible: You’ve taken on the responsibility of part time job opportunities while going to school. This is a very important endeavor and so there may be some sacrifices that have to be made such as skipping a movie with your friends or something along those lines. You are gaining in return, a valuable lesson in real life and this is an important one to learn.
  • Relaxation: Regardless of the fact that you are now a very busy person, and you are working a part-time job while going to school, you still absolutely must have some relaxation time in the mix. It’s not only important that you have this time to yourself for personal reasons, but it’s also important to your health. Stress creates all sorts of other problems within our bodies and there has to be some relief somewhere so that we don’t become ill. Always make sure there is some time for just you in the all important schedule. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

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