Workplace Violence Security Jobs Los Angeles 2020

workplace violence security jobs los angeles
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Business premises can be easy targets of unlawful entry, theft, sabotage, forcible occupation and even kidnappings. Setting up an effective security system reduces the occurrence of these threats – either by deterring or stopping the threats when they occur.

Workplace security is important because it ensures the security of personnel, confidential information, organizational assets and client files.

Although all organizational members partake in keeping the workplace safe and secure , security guards play the most significant role in protecting the assets of their employer.

Aspire to become a security guard

Although a security guard is socially perceived as a lowly profession, it comes with numerous perks and is seen to be more prestigious in the wake of all the security alerts we’ve seen across the nation in recent years. Unlike most professions, security guards are not required to be constantly occupied.

In most cases, security guards are only required to be present at their workstation, take security logs, and make hourly patrols. This gives them time to work on personal projects, learn new skills, and even pursue out-of-class educational programs.

Under no circumstances are you encouraged to doze off or read long novels while on the clock! Industrial security guards enjoy a peaceful, non-demanding job that has good pay, 12-hour shifts and week-long breaks every month.

Qualifications and training
Most employers prefer candidates for security guards roles to be holders of high school diplomas and have clean criminal records. Candidates with previous military or law enforcement experience have better chances of being hired.

The training required to acquire security guard certification usually varies by state.

Typically, security guards must complete 40 to 50 hours of security training to be considered qualified. Once hired, security guards may undergo further onsite training to become familiar with the workplace and their new roles and responsibilities.

workplace violence security jobs los angeles

What to expect as a security guard

As a security guard, one should be prepared to help internal and external personnel deal with security and criminal issues, interact with the fire and police department, and even provide critical information in life-threatening situations. The typical annual salary for security guards ranges between $25,000 and $33,000.  Currently, there are roughly 1,1 million security guards in the USA alone! That’s more than all the police in US, which numbers close to a million.

Roles and Responsibilities

Typically, security guards have the following duties:

  • Protect workplace assets and enforce the security protocols instituted by the employer.
  • Control access areas of employees, visitors and other external parties.
  • Conduct security checks and monitor alarms and other security apparatus.
  • Detain trespassers and potential criminal violators.
  • Conduct security patrols, maintain security logs and write periodical security reports.


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Violence in the workplace

Workplace violence not only involves physical assault, but also verbal abuse, intimidation and any acts that lead to the destruction of property. There are lot’s of opportunities to apply for to help with workplace violence security in Los Angeles, for example.

Examples of workplace violence include pushing, uncontrolled arguments, vandalism, rape, arson and murder. Although it is very difficult to know if and when a person becomes violent, there are signs of potential violence that security guards can look out for.

These include temper tantrums, disrespect for authority, swearing, complaints of unfair treatment, poor personal hygiene and social isolation. A potentially violent person often displays fascination with acts of violence, begrudges coworkers and develops a suspicion of others.

Workplace security protects employees and property by identifying potential violators and targets, responding to potential threats before they escalate, and contacting the fire or police department to handle critical situations.

To boost security, security guards should petition the employer to install steel doors, blockade the ventilation system, and acquire sand bags and bomb blankets.

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