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Free Walmart Application Online Walmart Jobs



Walmart is the world's largest public corporation by revenue, according to the 2008 Fortune Global 500. Founded by Sam Walton in 1962 Walmart is the motherload of all discount superstores. They have everything you need at discounted prices.

If you live by one or have ever been to one, it's quite massive. In the early days, the founder Sam Walton didn't really care for customers who came in once and bought $100 worth of things. He focused on repeat business. That is to say that he wanted people to keep coming back to check out the discounted prices even if they spent just a few dollars each time, here and there.

walmart application online for jobs


They would ultimately spend more a lot more than the customers that came in spending a lot, but only came in a few times.These customers who made Walmart part of their daily/weekly/monthly routine would ultimately build the foundation for the Walmart behemoth we know today.

Walmart is also the largest grocery retailer in the United States, with an estimated 20% of the retail grocery and consumables business. It also owns and operates the North American company, Sam's Club




Walmart job benefits saves Americans thousands of dollars a year. And their associates get even more. Every Wal-Mart associate receives:

10 percent off regularly priced general merchandise in Wal-Mart stores or on their website with the associate discount card
10 percent off of fresh fruits and vegetables
An additional 10 percent off eyewear at Wal-Mart Vision Centers
Over 100 discounts on—our associate-only website—for everything from new cars to movie tickets.

Grow Your Future
They believe in their associates' futures. Last year, they put $870 million into associates' Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plan accounts. They do this whether or not an associate chooses to

They also make it easy for associates to have an ownership in the company. The Associate Stock Purchase Program allows associates to purchase stock without most brokerage fees. Plus, they match a portion of their purchases.

Wal-Mart Success = Your Success
Every associate is eligible to receive performance bonuses based on the performance of their store. They also offer a long-term service award, which rewards hourly associates and assistant managers who have been with the company for 20 years or more with an extra week of pay.

Walmart Application Online


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Walmart Printable Application

If you would like to fill out a standard Walmart Stores job application and walk into your local Walmart and hand it in, directly to the manager, you can

>> Download a printable Walmart Stores part time job application here (right click and "save as") (pending)



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