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Hotel jobs can be quite rewarding. It’s a great place to meet people from all over the world. There is always room for promotions as they usual have a wide range of

Free Wyndham Application Online

In 2006, the Wyndham Hotel group was founded. Today, the Wyndham Hotel Group is the largest provider and franchiser of travel related products in the world. Today the company is composed of

Free Embassy Suites Application Online

In 1984 Promus Hotel Corporation opened the first Embassy Suites. It is an upscale chain of all-suite hotels. These hotels different from most hotels with the rooms have a living area separate

Free Hard Rock Cafe Application Online

The Hard Rock Café opened its doors for the first time on June 14, 1971. Although, it was opened in London, England the owners Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett were American. It

Free Hilton Application Online

The Hilton Hotels and Resorts opened their doors for the first time in 1919. Conrad Hilton’s first hotel was the Mobley Hotel in Cisco Texas. The first hotel that bore its owner’s

Free Holiday Inn Application Online

After staying at poor quality hotels during a road trip, Kemmons Wilson decided to do something about it. So he, along with partner Wallace E. Johnson, opened the first Holiday Inn in

Free Marriott Application Online

In 1927, J Willard Marriott and his wife opened a root beer stand n Washington D.C. This was just the beginning; they believed that the people needed a place to get something

Free Motel 6 Application Online

In the early 1960’s two building contractors decided to build a hotel and keep the rooms at reasonable rates. William Becker and Paul Greene already specialized in low cost housing and felt

Free Ramada Inn Application Online

Ramada Inn was founded in 1953 by a group of investors. The investors included Marion W Isbell, Michael Robinson, Del Webb, and Bill Helsing as well as others. The group opened their

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In 1946, shortly after World War II, M.K. Guertin founded the Best Western hotel chain. This chain came about because at the time, the hotels were either large properties or small family